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  'We Sell The Best and Service The Rest'



Serving South Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Since 1958.

' Saving The World's Water, One Tap At A Time.'

Your Water Conditioning, Softening and Drinking Water Solution.

  Licensed Plumbers ~  Sales ~ Rental ~ Salt ~ Service: Our equipment uses less salt and regeneration water than most equipment on the market. 


Residential ~ Commercial ~ Industrial
 Complete, Consumer Friendly, Drinking Water Systems.
     EcoWater Systems, It’s That Good.

  •   Rent a water softener from us for only $17.00 per month.  We leave you with a soft water test kit so
          that at any time you know you are getting what you pay for.

  •  We will remove at no charge your old softener. 

  •  Century EcoWater has been serving South Central Wisconsin since 1958We currently have over
         60 years of experience in the water treatment business.  We are staffed with 3 licensed plumbers.

  •  Our water conditioners will use 30% to 40% less salt and regeneration water than most
         comparable equipment on the market. Our residential units will use less than 3 lbs. of salt per charge
         and less than
25 gallons of water.

  •  We service most brands of water softeners.  If we cannot fix your unit due to lack of parts, we don't
         charge you for a service call. 

  Setting the Standards

Since 1925 EcoWater Systems has been developing innovative and state-of-the-art technology to take care
of your home water needs. As the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems,
EcoWater has proven to better the quality of your home’s water for nearly 85 years.


EcoWater is the largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems in the world. We have a
solid reputation as water experts and would like to put our expertise to work
for you. Our water
treatment systems improve the water that touches everyone and everything in your home. Service before
and after the sale really sets us apart. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority
.    Now you too can have clean,
fresh, odor-free water for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and cleaning.